Bedding Plants

Whether you have a large garden, a patio, a veranda or even a window box, we have everything you need to get it started. And, everything you need to maintain it and keep it looking it’s best, no matter what the season. 

There are two main seasons for annual bedding plants. May to Fall for the summer season. Fall to Spring planting generally starts in October when the summer plants are

Summer bedding includes: Portulaca, Vinca, Marigolds, Gazanias, Cosmos
Fall bedding includes: Salvia, Snap Dragons, Lobelia, Alyssum, Pansies, Violas

We also stock seasonal vegetables and herb seedlings, as well as bedding Begonias and a large selection of Proven Winners® bedding plants propagated by Euro American Propagators

Potted Plants

Instant gardening at it’s best!. Beautiful ready-to-go colourful mixed planters, troughs and hanging baskets for every season. Great gift ideas.

Woody Ornamentals

Throughout the year we carry everything from hedging plants, ground covers, palms, shrubs, trees, and vines in a variety of sized pots from one to 45 gallon. And, most of our woody stock is propagated right here at Aberfeldy. It’s the “heart” of the Garden Centre!

We also carry rose trees, strawberry plants and bulbs when in season.

Please call us or stop in for more information on availability.

House Plants

Bring the outdoors in! Select from a wide range of dish gardens, cacti and succulents, indoor palms and houseplants.

From familiar favourites to the many new varieties especially adapted to the modern interior, we have something to suit every environment. And an added bonus...they clean the air too!

Look out for our Lucky Bamboo from China, Tillandsia Airplants and a selection of Flowering Foliage (when in season) including: African Violets, Hiemalis Begonias, Cyclamen, Calendiva and Kalanchoe.